Learn More About Eucledian vs Cartesian Sequencer

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Learn More About Eucledian vs Cartesian Sequencer

Today we are going to talk about Eucledian and Cartesian sequencers!

Cartesian refers to Rene Descartes, the french philosopher and mathematician.

The Cartesian style sequencers in Modular Synthesis are organized into a 4x4 grid which can be stepped through in different ways than 1-16, so you can clock or trigger each axis independently and create X and Y sequencing. Moving up and down, diagonal, whatever you want throughout the grid.

The Make Noise Rene is a great cartesian style sequencer.

Euclidean is about fitting a certain number equally within a defined parameter, similar to most 16 step sequencers in software, DAW systems or most desktop//keyboard synths.

Its about fitting the number of triggers within a number of a loop. Depending on how many triggers you select and how long of a loop you select, the rules of the algorithm will attempt to fill in the pattern as equally as possible. For an easy example, a fill of 4 with a loop length of 16 will give you the typical 4 on the floor kick patter.

Modular offers many different ways to sequence and sometimes a Cartesian style sequencer can offer a different set of modulation points that a Euclidean sequencer can offer.

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