uScale and uStep grow up! Say hello to Scales and Steppy!

uScale and uStep grow up! Say hello to Scales and Steppy!

Going against the current trend of micro- / µ-sized modules, Intellijel unveiled their two newest offerings, Scales and Steppy.

Scales is an 8hp update to the ever-useful µScale quantizer, which was quietly phased out of production prior to the announcement of Scales. In addition to the 2hp boost in size and expanded dual quantizer functionality, Scales also contains an 128-step SH-101-style sequencer with storage for up to 35 programmable sequences.


Like Scales, Steppy is an update to their µStep sequencer, expanded to 8hp, or the width of two µSteps side-by-side, making the Steppy much more playable than its tiny predecessor. Playability is at the heart of the Steppy, as you are now able to tap in live during sequences and modify tracks during playback. A new performance mode, "Loopy," allows for live looping between two steps, and individual steps can be muted and unmuted with ease. Steppy is available as both a standard 3U module and as a 1U module to fit in the Intellijel-formatted 1U rows

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