Patching With A Low Pass Gate

Modular Monday

Today we are going to talk about patching with a Low Pass Gate 

A LPG (low pass gate) combines a low pass VCF with a VCA to create a VCFA.

Similar to a VCA, the lowpass gate accepts audio input and control signals, and if the output of an envelope generator is patched to the control input, the LPG will shape the note envelope like a VCA would.

Through patching one can assign a cutoff frequency to act like a gate so that if one applies a control voltage signal the cutoff frequency will rise significantly into the upper range so that the audio from the input passes through. If there is no control voltage signal present, the cutoff frequency is in the subsonic range and no audio passes through the filter. Basically, when you send a CV signal the cutoff frequency acts like a gate.

This is all inspired by the Buchla 200 Series Low Pass Gate Module and check out these videos for more in depth exploration of how you can patch with a LPG. 

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