Intellijel HUB 3.5mm Quad Multiple w/ magnet

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The Intellijel HUB is your modular synths best friend.This compact passive multiple gives the user the convenience of placing the cables out of the way of your panel and incorporates a magnet to allow the Hub to be attached on any metal contact point on your case.

The idea is to allow you to turn any cable into a mult. Connect any Eurorack compatible patch cable to the HUB and then leave them hanging off your patch or magnetically attached to strategic points. This makes more room for the user interface of your modules and complex patches are easy to trace through.


Intellijel HUB:

-4 channel passive mult
-Durable plastic enclosure
-High quality gold plated jacks mounted on a pcb
-Fully serviceable (just undo two screws to access the jacks)
-Super strong rare earth neodymium magnets on both sides of the enclosure so that you can magnetically stack them or conveniently attach them to metal or magnetic strips on your case (can even attach to screws).