intellijel umidi

Intellijel uMIDI Eurorack Module


$ 229.00

The Intellijel uMIDI is a great interface for incorporating MIDI keyboards, sequencers, or DAWs into a eurorack modular synth environment. For sequencing, the uMIDI features a 16th note clock output, an additional clock divider with assignable division, and run and reset gate outputs to synchronize sequencer modules. The uMIDI also has a 1V/oct pitch output, gate and trigger outputs, mod wheel and pitch bend outputs, and velocity output.



  • High speed ARM processor for low latency & jitter.
  • DIN or USB MIDI input.
  • Two clock outputs, one with selectable divisions.
  • Sequencer sync via run and reset outputs.
  • Precision 0 – 10 V note pitch output with pitch bend & portamento CC support.
  • Gate and trigger outputs for envelope triggering.
  • Mod wheel and continuous controller outputs for additional modulation.
  • Firmware updates over USB.
  • 6 HP width
  • 40mm depth



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