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The Nerd System 1.0 is an extremely flexible modular instrument designed to give the user a hands-on introduction to the modular universe. Comprised of some of our favorite modules and housed in a rugged aluminum powered skiff from Make Noise, this system has everything necessary to begin your foray into modular synthesis and boasts plenty of room to grow.

We know the dive into the modular world can be daunting and with so much out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. This system provides all of the essential synthesis building blocks in one easy-to-play system and is ensure to provide endless hours of sonic exploration and fun.

A breakdown of the Nerd System 1.0

- Make Noise Powered Skiff

Rugged, black powder coated aluminum skiff with power for up to 10             modules. More Info

- Tall Dog uBraids Macro Oscillator

Compact version of the renowned Mutable Instruments Braids Macro Oscillator recreated by Tall Dog electronics. Features a wide range of creative and useful internal algorithms. More Info

- Make Noise Pressure Points

Controller and sequencer that can be played by hand or driven by the Make Noise Brains module to form a traditional step sequencer. Three separate CV outputs paired with individual gate and pressure outputs for each step make for a seriously fun and flexible controller. More Info

- Make Noise Brains

Brains functions as a control module for the Make Noise Pressure Points. Drive a sequence within the Pressure Points when a gate/trigger/clock source is patched to the CLK input. Control over sequence direction, run/stop, and reset provide classic analog control. More info

- Intellijel uVCF

Compact multi-mode filter designed by David Dixon. A very clean and precise VCF that doubles as an excellent sine wave VCO and accurately tracks 1V/O. More Info

- Make Noise Maths

Maths is an analog computer designed for musical purposes. It is capable of producing an enormously large array of envelopes and CV signals. Slew processing, LFO times form 1khz-25 mins, and an almost endless list of functionality make this module a must-have in every system. More Info

- 2hp Dual VCA 

A simple but effective dual linear voltage controlled amplifier. The renowned 2164 SSM architecture provides clean audio outputs with very little distortion. More Info

- 2hp Verb 

Don't let the size fool you. This small stereo reverb has an enormous presence. Simple but flexible controls and cv over the mix parameter allow you to dial in the right amount of reverberation for any application. More Info

- Make Noise Rosie

Rosie is an output interfacing module with the added functionalities of FX Loop, Crossfader and Auto-Cue system. It is designed to facilitate live performance on the modular synthesizer by allowing the artist to preview and modify portions of a patch using the Auto-CUE system, while the audience is listening to a different portion of the patch as selected by the crossfader. Additionally it allows for Stereo processing of all sounds via the FX Loop. The Rosie is suitable for headphone monitoring of the modular system and interfacing the modular system to a recording environment. More Info


1 Pack of 6" Hosa 3.5 mm patch cables in assorted colors (8 cables per pack)

1 Pack of 12" Hosa 3.5 mm patch cables in assorted colors (8cables per pack)

1 Hosa Technologies "Knucklebone" passive multiplier

1 Nerd Audio T-Shirt (sizes S-XL available)

2 Make Noise 6hp blind panels

4 Make Noise 1hp blind panels