Synthrotek MST Dual AD/ASR Envelope Eurorack Module


$ 224.99

Synthrotek's MST Dual Envelope is a simple AD/ASR generator with additional features that make it a unique addition to a modular synth setup. The two envelopes are normalled to trigger one another at the end of the cycles to get cascading modulation effects. Each envelope has a built in attenuator knob to  scale the effect of the envelope.
  • Two self-completing envelope circuits
  • AD or ASR selector switch per channel
  • Manual Attack control & Decay/Release
  • Output level per channel
  • Gate input
  • End-of-cycle trigger output with LED indicator
  • Normal & Inverted envelope output per channel
  • Short and long envelope length switch per channel
  • Long setting can be lengthened with jumper select
  • AD/ASR selection switch per channel
  • Inverted output +5 offset switch per channel
  • Current draw: V+ max 10mA, V- max 8mA
  • Width: 12HP

Check out the manual here

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