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4MS RCD Breakout | RCDBO

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*This Module is USED and has been professional tested by Nerd Audio* 

The Rotating Clock Divider Breakout adds features to the Rotating Clock Divider module. Six switches allow you to set the maximum Divide-by amount, Gate or Trigger mode, Counting mode, Spread mode, and Auto-Reset. The RCD Breakout requires the RCD to function, and does not use any extra power. 


  • Gate Counting: Down/Up
  • Gate/Trigger mode
  • Divide range up to Divide-by-64
  • Spread mode: Spread mode causes the output to "spread" evenly amongst the entire max division range (see manual).
  • Auto-reset: 16/off

Module size: 

The RCD is 4HP and 48mm (1.85")

Power consumption: 

  • +12V rail: __mA
  • +5V rail: not used
  • -12V rail: not used