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Possibly the premier LFO in Eurorack, the uLFO offers a cycle speed as slow as approximately 60 minutes in Low range and up to 3.6 khz in High range. This triangle core LFO will ably handle all typical LFO duties, low to mid frequency VCO duties, and much more interesting modulation duties as well.


The uLFO offers 7 simultaneous outputs: saw, ramp, pulse, triangle, sine, and shaped sine, with a square output available at the SYNC OUT jack. Further elaboration of waveform outputs is offered with pulse width modulation, with a dedicated attenuator, as well as sine wave shaping. PWM is an added feature not typically found on LFOs, however the shaped sine is altogether special to the uLFO. The shaped sine can be swept from a fully positive nonlinear triangle to a fully negative nonlinear triangle. This unusual response can be CVed as well, and a dedicated attenuator rounds off this portion of the circuit.


Rounding off the uLFO is a dedicated 1v/octave input as well as two FM inputs with switchable linear or exponential response. The two FM inputs have attenuators for precise CV tailoring. The elegantly conceived uLFO is a modulation and sound generation tour de force.