bubblesound uLFO

Bubblesound Instruments uLFO

Nerd Audio

$ 190.00

This module is used but in good working condition and has been fully tested.


The ulfo is an voltage-controlled analog low frequency oscillator based around a classic triangle core vco running through a series of waveshapers, giving the user an extremely wide range of outputs and modulation options. In the low range the ulfo will take over 60 minutes to complete a cycle and will go up to 40hz. The high range goes from 4 minute cycles at the lowest up to 3.6khz at the top of its range, making this a very good low and mid range vco as well as an outstanding lfo.


The ulfo offers 7 simultaneous outputs; saw, ramp, pulse, triangle, sine and shaped sine and the square output is available as the sync out. The pulse and shapes sine are voltage-controlled and have attenuated inputs. The pulse width modulation works like most others, from going from 0-100% with either the pwm pot or with control voltage. But the shaped sine is fairly unique in the modular world. This allows a sine wave to be swept from a positively biased non-linear triangle down to a negatively biased non-linear triangle.

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