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Don’t let the “b” lead you astray. Small in format, but mighty in application, the VCOb is a superb triangle core oscillator with a remarkable range and accurate tracking up to 6 octaves.


As is becoming well known, a triangle core allows for great sounding FM. The VCOb is no exception, with a switch allowing for linear or exponential FM. In exponential mode, with the pot fully cranked, the FM input adds a second 1V/Oct input. Additionally, the triangle core easily yields a “pure” sine wave. The oscillator is rounded off with outputs for sawtooth and pulse waves. The pulse wave varies from nearly fully negative or positive from the panel pot, or will fully peak and plunge with application of CV.


Outputs: saw, pulse, sine, triangle

Range: 10 Second cycles - 21.4K Hz

Modulation: 1 fm input with linear and exponential, pulse width modulation

Size: 10hp, 60mm (2.1 inches) deep

Current draw: 100 mv