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Dave Smith Instruments Mopho X4 Synthesizer

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The Mopho X4 is an analog polyphonic synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments, based on the classic Mopho monophonic synth engine. This synth has some great features such as 4 LFO's which can be individually clock synced, 4 16-step sequencers, and a built in feedback circuit for adding subtle texture or aggressive distortion to your patches. 

This item is used and has some cosmetic damage (pictured), but is still fully operational. The damages are to the pitch and mod wheel, which are bent towards one another so that they rub against the chassis, and to the BPM and fine tune encoders, which are missing the knobs, leaving the shafts exposed.

Mopho x4 Specifications

  • 100% analog signal path
  • Two oscillators per voice capable of producing sawtooth, triangle, saw/triangle, and variable pulse width square waves, with hard sync
  • Two sub-octave generators per voice (one octave below oscillator 1 and two octaves below oscillator 2)
  • One classic Curtis low-pass filter per voice (switchable 2- or 4-pole) with audio rate modulation, self-oscillating in 4-pole mode
  • Analog VCAs
  • Three envelope generators per voice (ADSR plus delay)
  • Feedback loop per voice with programmable level and gain
  • White noise generator
  • 4 LFOs per voice
  • Gated 16 x 4 step sequencer per voice (one sequence per program)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Glide (portamento): separate rates per oscillator
  • Full-sized, 44-note (F to C), semi-weighted keyboard action with velocity and aftertouch
  • Full-sized modulation wheel and spring-loaded pitch wheel
  • Fully programmable with four banks of 128 read-only factory programs and four banks of 128 user programs (1,024 total)
  • USB type B receptacle
  • MIDI In, Out/Thru, and Poly Chain
  • Left and Right audio outputs: 1/4″ phone jack (unbalanced)
  • Sustain pedal input (accepts normally on or off momentary footswitch with 1/4″ phone plug)
  • Expression pedal/control voltage (3.3 VDC max.) input (1/4″ TRS phone jack)
  • Headphone output: 1/4″ TRS stereo phone jack
  • Dimensions: approximately 25.2″ L x 11.1″ W x 3.6″ H (64 cm x 28.2 cm x 9.1 cm)
  • Weight: 13.5 Lbs