Intellijel Dubmix Mixer

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The Intellijel Dubmix is a 4 channel stereo mixer with low noise, low bleed with clickless muting and fast clean VCAs. All the inputs and summing busses have soft clipping to help get warm sounds if you really push the mixes. With pre/post aux send for each channel and CV over panning, you can make some really creative dubby mixing effects.


  • 4 inputs, each with 6dB gain and soft clipping
  • VC Pan for each input channel
  • VC Aux send for each input channel (with pre and post switch)
  • Illuminated CLICKLESS mute buttons for each channel (special circuit design by David Dixon)
  • VC Master level
  • VC Master AUX A send
  • Stereo AUX returns
  • Dedicated output for sum of muted channels
  • Stereo Master Output
  • 4 stage VU meter with switches to select monitoring of Aux A bus or Mute Bus.
  • Soft clipping on all summed input and output busses.
  • Header to connect master output via cable to uJack
  • 3 pin header to chain other Dubmix together (input and output)
  • 28HP width
  • 47mm depth
  • 280mA @ +12V, 275mA @ -12V