Korg Electribe Sampler Sequencer ES-1 MK.II


$ 235.00

The Korg Electribe Sampler Sequencer ES-1 MK.II is a rhythm production sampler in which samples recorded by the user can be assigned to ten sample parts including one slice sample part.

There are up to 128 patterns that can be created using the sample data and stored in internal memory. There are also parts that can be combined with rhythms to create patterns letting one use the ES-1 MKII as a remarkable rhythm machine.

The sixteen step key grid enables the user to step-record patterns in real time and since sounds and rhythm patterns can be modified instantly you can use these changes as part of your performance expression.

There are eleven types of effects and delay are provided with tap tempo and MIDI clock can be used to synchronize the performance with an external sequencer, turntable etc. 

Sample sounds, patterns or songs you create can be stored on Smartmedia™ (the electribe memory card that is 64 megabytes) 



A vintage piece at an affordable price, these units are great for live performances, studio use or just to use as a groovebox with the electribe sampler functionality. 

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