LZX Mapper - Eurorack Video Synth Module

LZX Indutries

$ 399.00

The LZX Mapper is a Eurorack video synthesis module that allows complex color mixing and colorspace control. The mapper module translates Hue, Saturation and Brightness voltages into component YUV (Luma, R-Y, B-Y) and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colorspaces. 
  • Hue, Saturation & Brightness modulation inputs with dedicated gain controls.
  • Saturation & Brightness modulation attenuators have an inversion switch.
  • Hue input is selectable between 360 and 720 degrees of rotation at full scale.
  • Dedicated Hue, Saturation & Brightness offset controls.
  • Polar-to-cartesian waveshaper design transforms a linear input voltage (Hue) into Sine / Cosine complement outputs (U & V out.)
  • YUV-to-RGB colorspace converter.
  • 10HP
  • 100mA +12V
  • 100mA -12V

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