Moog EP-2 Expression Pedal

Moog Music

$ 40.00

The EP2 Expression Pedal designed by Moog is the finest expression pedal available. Its smooth action gives it the feel musicians need for precise, playable control. It is the simple way to release some additional expressive power from Moogerfoogers, the Moog Voyager and more.

The heavy construction (2.55 lbs) provides a solid feel as the pedal stays firmly under-foot. A new external output level control adjusts the range of the pedal‚’s effect, sweeping across the full or a limited spectrum.


  • Twice as heavy as original EP-1 pedal
  • External Output level adjustment allows fine tuning of Moogerfooger's control voltage output
  • Moog icon and logo molded into the pedal
  • "String and spring" mechanism offers great feel with precise control