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Nerd Audio System 2.0c

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The Nerds here at Nerd Audio have assembled a few variations of the Nerd Audio System 2.0, compiling small entry-level, medium-sized intermediate-level, and larger premium-level modular setups with a handful of fantastic modules from some of our favorite Eurorack companies.

System 2.0c, the largest, premium-level Nerd Audio System 2.0 setups, is housed inside of a Tiptop Audio Mantis case with 6U (two 3U rows) of 104hp each. The Mantis case has adjustable legs to stand the case up at a variety of angles for comfort and ease of use. 

Nerd Audio System 2.0c includes the following modules:

  • Make Noise Maths
  • Make Noise modDemix
  • Mutable Instruments Plaits
  • Make Noise Dynamix
  • Make Noise QPAS
  • 2hp Delay
  • Make Noise Erbe-Verb
  • Make Noise Pressure Points
  • Mutable Instruments Marbles
  • Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis
  • Make Noise Rosie

Included with the modules are some Nerd Audio blank panels which serve as placeholders for future module purchases, and a handful of Hosa patch cables to get you started.

Call, email, or stop by the shop for more information about the Nerd System 2.0c, including options for having our staff help with customizing the system to your exact needs with the new and used gear at our disposal.