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Physical Modeling System (Système Acoustique)

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 This small system came about from our desire to build a unique and self-contained modular instrument that can be used in a variety of applications and occupy a modest amount of desk space.

Powerful modules like the Pittsburgh KB-1 and Mutable Instruments Rings supply tactile control and a huge sonic pallet. An overabundance of modulation can be found in the Quad Pingable LFO and MI Kinks. Connect your modular to a computer or other MIDI hardware via the 2hp Midi module. We even rounded it out with the big daddy of Eurorack reverb modules - the Make Noise Erbe-Verb. 

As always, our pre-built systems come with everything you need to plug and play and includes patch cables, a passive mult, and a slick Nerd Audio tee shirt : )




What's Included:


- Pittsburgh Modular - Structure EP-96

The EP-96 is a petite 6u case (48HP per row) for the eurorack Modular Synthesizers. Rugged construction and power for up to 12 modules makes this portable enclosure a mini powerhouse. 

- Mutable Instruments Rings

This legendary resonator is a great way to get into physical modeling synthesis. Rings can be used as either a  sound source or audio processor and it's dual outputs split the audio into even/odd partials in monophonic mode and even/odd notes in polyphonic mode. 

- Pittsburgh Modular - Lifeforms KB-1 

The KB-1 is a  powerful way to control your modular system and has a wide array of features. The pressure sensitive keyboard comes complete with an arpeggiator, step sequencer, four voltage memory pads and two trigger pads, clock source, and much more. Get hands-on with your modular!

- 4MS - Quad Pingable LFO 

The QPLFO is a compact and playable four channel LFO. Activate the LFO channels via tap-tempo or a trigger/gate source. The flexible wave shaping and independent timing per-channel make this a powerful modulation source.

- 2HP - VCA

Small, compact ,dual linear voltage controlled amplifier with CV Input and attenuator. 

- Mutable Instruments - Kinks

Mutable Instruments really nailed it with this one. Three crucial utilities crammed into a single 4hp module make this a compact way to expand your synthesizer's capabilities. Wave invertion, rectification, OR an AND logic functions, as well as a no-nonsense sample and hold circuit provide a lot of new colors for your sonic palatte.

- Make Noise - Erbeverb 

A unique and powerful continuously variable reverb that boasts CV control over every parameter of the effect. The continuous variability enables the user to explore a huge array of reverb environments and behaves like no other effect on the market. 

- 2HP - MIDI

A plug and play solution for interfacing with your computer or midi hardware. Four modes provide monophonic, duophonic, dual mono, and quad trigger operation.


1 Pack of 6" Hosa 3.5 mm patch cables in assorted colors (8 cables per pack)

1 Pack of 12" Hosa 3.5 mm patch cables in assorted colors (8cables per pack)

1 Hosa Technologies "Knucklebone" passive multiplier

1 Nerd Audio T-Shirt (sizes S-XL available)