Pittsburgh Modular Cell [90] mk 2 Desktop Eurorack Modular Case

Pittsburgh Modular

$ 349.00

The Pittsburgh Modular Cell [90] is an expandable, desktop eurorack case and power supply. The custom designed, heavy duty steel frame is sleek and modern, with no extraneous features. The desktop cases are available in single and double row configurations. Frames and Pennsylvania cherry hardwood sides are available separately to allow for easy expandability and customizing. 


Cell [90] Specs:

  • Width: 456mm (90hp)
  • Available Depth for Modules 53mm
  • Available Depth for Modules (above Power Supply) 36mm
  • 18 Sliding Nuts Per Rail Supports Up To 18 Modules 
  • 40 (4-40 Size) Panel Screws Included 
  • Power: 850mA Linear Supply
  • 12VAC 2.0A AC Power Adapter
  • Custom Ribbon Cable with 16 Power Headers
  • Heavy 16 Gauge Steel
  • Hand Crafted Pennsylvania Cherry Hardwood Sides
  • Rear Mounted On/Off Switch
  • Rear Mounted 2.1mm Universal Power Adapter Jack 
  • Wood sides are now included!

    Steel Frame

    The frame is made from heavy 16 gauge steel and covered with a durable black powder coating. A power switch and 2.1mm universal power adapter jack are included on the back panel. Cell[90] steel frame weighs 2.8lb.


    Power Supply

    The included Pittsburgh Modular power supply provides +12v @ 850mA and -12v @ 850mA of power. A custom ribbon cable delivers power for up to 16 modules using standard 10 and 16 pin power headers. The power board uses a universal external 12VAC 2.0A AC power adapter.