Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3.1 Eurorack Module

Pittsburgh Modular

$ 2,349.00

Pittsburgh's latest evolution of the Foundation System is packed with new features and more advanced modules. The Foundation 3.1 is a stand-alone single voice synthesizer that can be a great introduction to the world of Eurorack modules. With an updated MIDI interface, two multi-wave analog oscillators, a low-pass gate, and two complex envelopes, the 3.1 is a big step up from Pittsburgh's Foundation 2. As a beginner's Eurorack synth, or an addition to an existing modular rig, the Foundation 3.1 is a synth designed for intuitive and creative synthesis.

Modules include:

  • MIDI3
  • 2x Waveforms
  • LFO2
  • Toolbox
  • Mixer
  • Mix Mult
  • Lopass Gate
  • Filter
  • 2x Envelope
  • Dual VCA
  • Outs


  • Heavy Duty Pittsburgh Modular Move[104] Black Case
         104hp Eurorack Road Case
         Sliding Square Nut Mounting Nut System
         Removable Lid
         Dimensions with Lid: 23.5” x 7” x 6.25”

  • Integrated Power Bus Board
         +12v 850mA / -12v 850mA / +5v 250mA
         External 12v / 2000mA / AC Power Adapter

  • 18 - 3.5mm Patch Cables
          6x 6" Patch Cables
          6x 12" Patch Cables
          6x 24" Patch Cables