Pittsburgh Modular

Pittsburgh Modular LPG Eurorack Module

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The Pittsburgh Modular Lopass Gate module includes an amazing new self-oscillating resonance circuit and a quieter vactrol based VCA circuit with true unity gain. Voltage control of the module is handled using an invertible, attenuated input and ping input. The ping input takes any gate or square wave and converts it into a very tight trigger used to ping the vactrol.

In lopass filter mode, frequency sweeps are warm and buttery and resonance is smooth and controlled until it gets near self oscillation. High resonance creates an edgier, shattered, more direct sound. It never loses control but is always teetering on the edge. Having both the smooth and snarling responses available creates a filter that is applicable in almost any situation.

Size: 8hp
Module depth with ribbon cable attached: 36.5mm
Power Usage: 30mA

This module is a demo unit. It is fully functional but does not come with its original packaging.