pittsburgh sequencer

Pittsburgh Modular Sequencer Eurorack Module

Pittsburgh Modular

$ 149.00

The Pittsburgh Modular Sequencer is a simple and functional voltage sequencer with some very useful features up its sleeve. Complex patterns can be achieved through using the CV inputs for clock, reset, hold, and add. The Sequencer can also be used as a sub-octave generator by clocking it with an audio-rate square wave.
  • Variable Step Count of 4, 6, or 8 Steps
  • Reset CV Input
  • Hold CV Input
  • Transpose CV Adder Input
  • CV Range: 0-10v
  • Dual Outputs


Module Controls

Assignable Voltage Knobs
Sets the output voltage from 0-10v for each of the 8 sequencer stages.

Variable Step Count Switch (4 8 6)
Sets the number of steps the Sequencer module cycles through. 4, 8, or 6 steps can be selected.

Clock Input (CLOCK)
Clock source can be a square wave or gate signal.

Reset Input (RESET)
Positive voltage resets the Sequencer to the first step.

Hold Input (HOLD)
Positive voltage pauses the Sequencer.

Transpose Input (ADD)
Control Voltage Adder. Adds voltage of incoming signal to the output of the Sequencer. A simple way to transpose the output of the sequencer.

Outputs (OUT)
Dual buffered sequencer outputs.


Size: 14hp
Depth: 25mm
Power Usage: 30mA