Pittsburgh Modular Verbtronic

Pittsburgh Modular Verbtronic Eurorack Module

Pittsburgh Modular

$ 199.00

New from Pittsburgh Modular is the reverb effect module the Verbtronic!

In Verb mode the Verbtronic produces realistic room and plate simulation reverbs, and in Tronic mode , the reverb has extra delay for lush, spacey, and unnatural reverbs. The feedback knob allows a wide range of control, from short delayed trails to infinite washes of reverb.



Tonal Tilt Control - Tone control affecting the reverberated signal. Shift the emphasis from low to flat to high.

Feedback Control - Reverb signal feedback control. The effect is similar to reverb density and decay time.

Mode Switch - Verb is a shorter, more natural sounding reverb. Tronic is a larger, electronic sounding reverb.

Output Mix - Fade between dry signal and 100% reverb.

Mix CV IN - CV attenuverter used to attenuate and/or invert the incoming Mix CV Input signal.



Mix CV Input - CV input used to modulate the Mix Output.

Input - Audio signal input.

Mode Gate Input - Flips the Mode switch from Tronic to Verb. Switch must be set to Tronic for incoming gate to have effect.

Verb Output - 100% reverb signal output only.

Mix Output - Mix of dry and reverb effect audio output.



Size - 10hp

Module Depth with Ribbon Cable Attached - 36.5mm

Power Usage - 65mA

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