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Pittsburgh Waveforms | #1

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This module is used and has been fully tested

A wide range, high quality, complex VCO designed to be the core of a modern, analog synthesizer. The Waveforms module offers a full complement of standard waveforms including sine, triangle, saw, and pulse waves in addition to a sub octave generator and a unique modulatable blade wave. The oscillator offers 5 octaves of 1 volt per octave tracking, and a frequency range starting as low as 7 seconds per cycle, allowing it to double as an LFO. Additional features include oscillator reset for hard syncing, attenuated linear or exponential FM input, pulse width, and pulse width CV input.

Excellent Logarithmic Conformance
Temperature Compensated 1 Volt Per Octave Operation
Multiple Simultaneous Waveform Outputs
Sawtooth Wave Based Oscillator Circuit
Unique Modulatable Blade Waveform
Modulatable Square Wave Sub Oscillator
Linear and Exponential Frequency Modulation
PWM Input: 5% to 95%
Hard Sync Input
LFO Below Audio Frequency Operation