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Plan B M23 Analog Shift Register Eurorack Module

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The Plan B M23 Shift Register is a utility module that consists of a single four-output analog shift register which provides assurance that all taps are DC accurate within 1mV via the Analog Devices SMP04 precision quad S+H chip driven by the Atmel 2015 microcontroller. Laser-trimmed internal capacitors within the SMP04 allow a keyboard to be played through the M23 without noticable variations of output voltage as each note is passed down. Along with a voltage output, each tap is fitted with an LED display to indicate it's stored voltage level.

A good way to think about the use of this module is to imagine a game in which a single line of people, each holding a different type of fruit, are told to pass their fruit to the person standing at their right side when they hear a hand clap. Replace the people with output taps, the fruit with stored voltages and the hand clap with an incoming trigger and you've got the idea. Apply this concept to musical phrases (a canon) and one can imagine the possibilities. 
Manufacturer: Plan B 
Module Name: Model 23 Analog Shift Register 
Module Type: Utility - CV 
Production Status: Discontinued 
Module Width (hp):
Module Depth (mm): 41