Plan B Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope mkII Eurorack Module

Plan B Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope mkII Eurorack Module

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$ 150.00

Originally developed as part of a large performance system for Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails, the Model 10 is a binary-phase (rise/fall) analog envelope generator capable of reproducing logarithmic, exponential and linear contour transients ranging from 1 millsecond to over 20 minutes in duration.

Improved in Spring of 2008, the
Mark II adds RETRIGGERING capability to the Model 10. WIth this change, the envelope phase will begin again once an incoming clock is recevied, whether or not the envelope in progress has completed.

Fully voltage controllable, the Model 10's output geometry is determined by four independent parameters: Rise, Fall, Timebase and Contour. It can operate as a one shot, requiring either a manual or external pulse to begin a single cycle, or it can self-cycle, configured as a programmable LFO with independent triangle, square and sawtooth outputs.

An external Cycle input affords a third option - a burst generator which will self-oscillate as long as this input is held high. A Triggering Switch also allows the user to lock the Model 10 into a permantent self cycling loop, or manually fire a single envelope in one-shot mode (down position is spring loaded).

Along with the timing controls, the Model 10 has a bipolar output Level attenuator for dynamic control of either a non-inverted (0 to 8 volts) positive EG, or an inverted (0 to - 8V) negative output. This feature, coupled with timing pulses fired at the end of each phase makes the M10 an ideal tool for sculpting complex envelopes from multiple units.