Roland AIRA System-1m Eurorack Modular Synth - Demo

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AIRA System-1 sound engine, plug-out compatibility, and patch points?? Seems our innermost desires have been heard! 

New from Roland, the System-1m is their latest addition to the AIRA line and their foray into the Eurorack modular synth format. This polyphonic synthesizer features two sync able oscillators. an LFO, and three envelope generators for pitch, filter cutoff, and amplitude. Roland also included some little treats such as  reverb, delay, and distortion effects to give any voice some extra character. 

The simple voicing functions sound great, but where the System-1m really stands above the competition is in its expansion capabilities. The selection of patch points on the front adds lots of modulation opportunities for integrating into a Eurorack setup. MIDI in and out and USB add even more potential to the System-1m. The plug-out function allows you to load virtual models of classic Roland synths like the SH-101, SH-2, and now the 1980's classic, the Promars Compuphonic synth. For the price of one, you'll get four virtual analog synthesizers, each with MIDI and CV control. 

Roland's design allows the System-1m to be mounted on a 19 inch rack, or operate as a tabletop unit.

  • Semi-modular synthesizer with PLUG-OUT capability
  • 19 color-coded CV/Gate and audio connections with LED lighting
  • 84 HP Eurorack, tabletop and 19” rack compatible using AC adaptor or Eurorack power
  • Versatile oscillators with six waveforms, Crossmod, Ring Mod, Sync and Color control
  • All parameters controlled with high-resolution knobs and sliders with LED indicators
  • External input for processing external signals through filter, amp and FX section
  • -12 dB and -24 dB filter types with independent high-pass filters
  • Integrated tone, crusher, reverb and delay effects
  • Tempo syncing for LFO and delay
  • 24-bit/96kHz audio and MIDI interface
  • AIRA Link for easy connection to MX-1 Mix Performer
  • Includes rackmount adapter and braided patch cables


[English] SYSTEM-1m Owner's Manual (Ver.1.2) 


This unit has been opened for demo in store and comes with all original packaging and warranty.