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Roland MC-202 MicroComposer | Vintage Synthesizer w/ Hardcase

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*This synth has been fully tested by Nerd Audio*

Roland MC-202 plus a SKB iSeries waterproof case included

The Roland MC-202 is an analog monophonic synthesizer released in 1983 that features an extensive step sequencer and different midi/cv/gate routing options. The 202 is very special in its own way, however it does share many characteristics with the legendary TB-303 and SH-101. The largest difference between the 202 and 101 is the lack of an actual keyboard on the 202. The 202's sequencer certainly makes up for its lack of traditional keyboard. The sequencer actually acts a 2 channel gate and cv sequencer, allowing you to simultaneously control external gear.

Additionally, it features a DINsync in port along with 2 DINsync out ports allowing you to sync multiple pieces of gear.  Creating acid bass lines, floaty leads, or anything in between, this synth is incredibly capable. Own a piece of musical history with this mint condition vintage MC-202. This piece of gear has been professionally maintained and stored the entire duration of its life.