Roland SH-01A Synthesizer


$ 349.99

The SH 101 was an iconic, influential synthesizer that has been used by many artists across multiple genres.

Using ACB (analog circuit behavior) technology this is a replicant of the SH 101 in a boutique architecture that features 4 voices instead of one with 4 different modes. Unison, Monophonic, Polyphonic and Chord mode.


The SH-01A features a built in sequencer with 64 pattern available for save and recall and arpeggiator with multiple playback modes, note hold, and three way transpose switch.

The unit has CV/Gate output for controlling modular or vintage gear and multiple sync options for MIDI, USB, LFO Clock and Trigger Input with selectable advanced LFO with new waveforms and extended range of clock rate. 

High quality metal front panel and small size makes this high portable for mobility with battery powered or USB powered capabilities with a multiple color options. 


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