Sputnik Dual Oscillator Eurorack Module

Sputnik Dual Oscillator Eurorack Module


$ 549.00

The Sputnik Modular Dual Oscillator is pure analog with both sound generators tracking 1v/oct, The timbre waveshaper plus harmonic dial, two Frequency Modulation inputs, six outputs including “Final” out, unipolar CV out and a modulation bus that allows the user to create complex timbres quickly.


  • Two Oscillators – Gen 1 with V/Oct, CV input, VCO or LFO mode switch, Triangle, Saw or Square selectable output and FM input. Gen 2 with V/Oct, CV input, FM input and external sync input.
  • Modulation control section including switches for AM, FM for Timbre bus modulation, CV input for modulation control amount, manual modulation index control and a sync switch making Gen 1 sync to Gen 2.
  • Harmonics section controls waveshaping of timbre and includes CV or manual controls for Symmetry and Order
  • Timbre section (primary waveshaping section) includes CV or manual control
  • Output 1 section includes 3 outputs: Triangle, Select (Triangle, Ramp, Square) waveform and unipolar CV output
  • Output 2 section includes 3 outputs: Sine, Square and Final (master output)

28hp +12V/-12V/+5v – requires two 16pin power connectors