STG Soundlabs Post-Lawsuit LPF Eurorack Module

STG Soundlabs Post-Lawsuit LPF Eurorack Module

STG Soundlabs

$ 225.00

From STG directly:

“This filter is not a clone of the ARP 4072 submodule. It does, however, have an identical topology with the same transistors and operational amplifier array. Some people may find this is close enough to use the "C" word but not here at STG Soundlabs, so in tribute to the origin of this filter design it is called the Post-Lawsuit Lowpass Filter. And before you call to complain, let me point out that Post-Ambiguous-Legal-Action Lowpass Filter just didn't have the same ring.”


Additionally, let’s walk through the filter: up top are two CV inputs for modulation of the frequency. Below that is an amount CV input, essentially a frequency input with attenuator, aka the grey labeled Amount knob. Two signal inputs are provided below that.


This module is rather deep, and will not fit into some manufacturers’ shallower tabletop cases.

14 hp