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Subvariant Electronic Musician's Emergency Adapters kit

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So you've pulled an all-nighter polishing your set to perfection, and you're excited to plug in and play for the sweaty club patrons dancing around the DJ booth. Suddenly, you realize you've got a serious problem: this booth has some unconventional audio inputs and you don't have the right adapters. Your heart leaps into your throat as you realize it's 1:00 AM and there's no way you're going to find a gear store open at this hour. By missing just one essential adapter, your set is over before it began. Fear not - the Electronic Musician's Emergency Adapters you're holding now will prevent that nightmare scenario.

Electronic musician and DJ Liz McLean Knight came up with the idea for the kit when she noticed many of her fellow performers were terrified when they didn't have the right audio adapters needed to play at a gig. coming to their rescue, she lent them her adapters from her personal stash, and later consulted with a professional audio engineer, fine-tuned the contents, and designed a package to resemble a medical first aid kit. Tou're smart because you're prepared for almost any audio emergency. Look at you!

(1)1/8 male stereo plug <-> (2x)1/8 female stereo jack 
(1)(2x) mono RCA male plug <-> 1/8" male stereo plug (6'cable + hook & loop cable tie)
(2)1/8" male stereo plug <-> 1/4" female stereo jack
(2) 1/8" female coupler
(1) 1/8" Mono Jack to Stereo Mini Plug 
(1) 1/8" Stereo Mini male Plug to 2x Male RCA 
(1) 1/4" male stereo plug <-> (2x) female stereo 1/4" jacks
(1) 1/4" male stereo plug <-> (2x) female stereo 1/4" jacks (Y-Cable)
(2) 1/4" male stereo plug<-> 1/8" female stereo jack
(2) 1/4" female coupler
(2) 1/4" male stereo plug <-> 1/4" male stereo plug
(2) XLR female jack <-> 1/4" male stereo plug
(2) XLR male plug <-> 1/4" male stereo plug
(2) RCA mono female jack <-> 1/4" male stereo plug x 2
(2) RCA mono female coupler
(2) RCA mono male coupler
(1) 6"x8" drawstring bag
(1) led light