Synthrotek MST 1U Stereo Output Mixer

Synthrotek MST 1U Stereo Output Mixer - Eurorack Module


$ 74.99

This 1U Stereo Mixer features pannable stereo output, but it is also great for both DC (Gates, Triggers and CV) and Audio signals (AC)


- 2 channels, 2 inputs per channel

- Jumper select ~unity gain or gain ~x2 (6db boost) amplification

- Mixes both AC signals (audio) and DC signals (gates, triggers, CV)

- Stereo output with panning per channel

- Attenuator and amplifier per channel

- 1/4” and 3.5mm (1/8”) output jacks


Current draw: +12: 13mA, -12: 9.2mA

Depth: 32mm

Width: 24HP


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