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TipTop Audio HATS909 Analog Hi-Hats | Original Panel

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Carefully adapted into 8hp of intense functionality, the HATS909 brings the digital meets analogue crispiness of the TR-909 hi-hats to a small format. The architecture of the original circuit is duplicated, with a lo-fi digital sample at the heart of the sound, with analogue EG and filtering added to articulate the dynamic hi-hat sound. The design is expanded through the addition of a CV input for sample tuning, as well as a FM/AM input to modulate the sample pitch and VCA respectively, well into the audio range. Lastly, the module can be switched over to RAW mode, allowing the original unmodulated sample to be processed through other modules. Like the 808 modules, the 909 modules adds expanded range to the Level knob, providing gain and distortion sufficient to add harmonics to the HATS909 signal, a technique traditionally realized through outboard pre-amps and distortion circuits. For ease of operation, Tiptop designed a dual pulse-shaper circuit on the input, so that any trigger, gate, pulse, or clock will perform correctly with the HATS909, regardless of power differences from the source.