tiptop toms909

Tiptop Audio Toms909 Eurorack Module

TipTop Audio

$ 400.00

Tiptop Audio brings the classic tom-tom sounds of the Roland TR-909 to the Eurorack modular synthesizer format. Each tom (high, middle, and low) has voltage control for the tuning of the oscillator so you can create drum timbres ranging from melodic to metallic. Each drum sound has all the analog punch of the original, but with even wider pitch tracking and inputs for accenting individual drums. Packed into only 16 Hp, the TOMS909 is a great addition to any eurorack drum programming setup.



  • 3 separate drum voices with inputs for gate/trigger, accent, and tuning
  • Individual outs and a summed mix out
  • 16hp
  • 2" deep
  • +12v@120ma
  • -12v@100ma


TOMS909 Toms

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