Waldorf KB37 Modular Keyboard Bundle

Nerd Audio

$ 2,499.00

This is a bundle

This bundle features the entire monophonic modular Waldorf wavetable synth.

It includes 4 Waldorf eurorack modules:

The NW1 wavetable oscillator

MOD1 envelope/lfo source

CMP1 analog compressor

DVCA1 dual voltage controlled amplifier.

These 4 modules come mounted in the KB37 keyboard controller which has a built-in MIDI to CV converter and output/headphone pre-amps. 

The KB37 also features a Fatar TP9 37-key keyboard with after-touch, a modulation wheel, pitch bend wheel, glide (portamento) including octave up/down switch with gate re-triggers and selectable note priority. 

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