Zlob filter

Zlob Modular T.H. State-Variable Voltage Controlled Filter Eurorack Module

Zlob Modular

$ 135.00

Zlob Modular is an independent, Chicago-based, Eurorack module company. All of Zlob's modules feature super-slim acrylic panels with otherworldly, laser-etched graphics that compliment one another beautifully. 


The Zlob Modular T.H. State-Variable Filter is a 4hp voltage-controlled filter with high-pass, low-pass, and band-pass outputs. It has two audio inputs, and two CV inputs, one tuned for 1v/octave signals, the other for +/- 5v envelopes. The microscope footprint of this fully-featured VCF makes it a no-brainer for a Eurorack modular setup, offering loads of options in only 4hp.

Due to the acrylic panel this module may require longer rack screws.(not included)

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