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Bubblesound Instruments - cvWS (DEMO)

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Demo model -Slight rack rash

Waveshapers are simple circuits used in oscillators, deriving multiple waveshapes from sawtooth or triangle core designs. The cvWS brings waveshaping circuitry from the triangle core uLFO to a dedicated module, making possible new sound manipulation through the application of voltage control. The top section derives a sawtooth wave from incoming triangle and square waves. The two wave forms must be in phase in order to cleanly output a saw. The bottom section derives a sine wave from a triangle wave input, with a potentially perfect sine available with the shape knob at 12 o’clock.


The waveshapers really come alive with the application of voltage control, but more unusual audio textures can be achieved by FMing the CV inputs with audio rate signals. With an audio rate input, the saw shaper produces very harsh and unpredictable FM type sounds, whereas the sine shaper produces a more ring mod meets FM effect. Equally useful in typical or atypical applications, the cvWS adds some unique character to your timbral arsenal.