Make Noise

Make Noise Dynamix Low Pass Gate

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DynaMix is a fast two-channel Low Pass Gate, dynamics manager and mixer.

The LEVEL parameter provides simultaneous voltage control over the Amplitude and Frequency content of audio signals, operating as a VCF/A.

The DYNMC parameter allows for using audio as a control voltage. It accepts audio signals and converts them into a signal that may increase or decrease the LEVEL parameter thus allowing for side-chaining and ducking. The summing section is complete with an Auxiliary input allowing for the chaining of multiple MIX unit.


  • Analog Low Pass Gate with fast response allows for AM synthesis and use with ADSR

  • Input Signal Attenuator with soft overload at maximum settings

  • DYNMC IN audio side-chain input for expansion and ducking of signals

  • Direct Coupled allowing for audio controlled modulation depth when processing CVs

  • LEDs indicate LEVEL activity

  • Voltage controlled mixer with AUX IN allows for chaining of multiple units to create larger mixes

  • Pairs well with Contour, Optomix, modDemix


Width: 10hp
Max Depth: 24mm
55mA @+12V
45mA @-12V