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Presenting an exact reproduction of the upside-your-head hand clap of the Roland TR-909, the CP909 is another small percussion module from Tiptop with a huge sound. The only deviation from the original is a variable resister to control the speed of the logic based noise generator at the heart of the circuit. The Trash knob at full presents the original 909 clap sound, and lower knob positions degrades, or “trashes” out this noise source for wider timbral variation. Like the 808 modules, the 909 modules adds expanded range to the Level knob, providing gain and distortion sufficient to add harmonics to the CP909 signal, a technique traditionally realized through outboard pre-amps and distortion circuits. For ease of operation, Tiptop designed a dual pulse-shaper circuit on the input, so that any trigger, gate, pulse, or clock will perform correctly with the CP909, regardless of power differences from the source.





CP909 Clap