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Tiptop Audio Z3000 MKII | Smart VCO (Demo)

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An oscillator for the control freaks among us, the Tiptop Z3000 MKII is a fully analogue VCO with additional features for precise sound design and multiple synthesis approaches. The arithmetic processor built into the Z3000 MKII provides visual feedback to the user via the four segment LCD. The multiple modes available provide information about the actual frequency of the oscillator, its corresponding (equal tempered) musical note, and positioning across 8 octaves. The external input switches the processor over to a tuner for other oscillators (use a sawtooth wave), saving space and adding additional functionality to your modular set-up.


The Z3000 MKII tracks exceptionally well over many octaves, and is suited for multi-octave performance. This oscillator especially shines when utilizing any of the many modulation inputs. Standard inputs for pulse width modulation and hard sync can be found alongside more extended features such as both linear and exponential frequency modulation. The Z3000 MKII also offers a wave shaper input to apply control signals to modulate the symmetry of the triangle and sine wave outputs. CV or audio rate modulation is possible at this input. Unique to the Z3000 MKII is the Hard Sync Modulation (HSM) input. This allows for oscillator sync while applying FM resulting in expansive tonal range with precision tracking.