This is pretty much where it all started.  If you love synthesizers, especially analog synthesizers, you owe it all to Bob Moog.  Sure, a lot of people jumped in to synthesizers pretty quickly, but Moog was the preeminent name in development and commercial success.  Even today, the best in boutique synth manufacturers are building off what Bob Moog, Big Brian, and Moog Music did and do.

It's not slowed down for Moog.  They've not just survived the world's economic downturns and Bob's passing...they've been expanding their business and their model line.  And a huge part of that expansion is Nerd Audio.  2012 North American Dealer of the year.  Exclusive retailer for 3 different Moog Music models.  And a close relationship between Nerd Audio and Moog's designers, salespeople, and engineers.
Moog Music trusts us to get their quality synthesizers, modules, theremins, and more into the hands of the best musicians in the world...our customers.  Our customers know what it takes to make great music and Moog is a huge part of that for them.  We demo Moog, answer questions for current and potential owners, troubleshoot, and generally interact with each Moog instrument owner as if we were Moog employees ourselves.
So, when you need the best in analog synthesizers...when you want the real deal, not an imitation...when you want to join with thousands of professional musicians around the world in creating the best music out there...see us for Moog Music Voyagers, MiniMoogs, Moogerfoogers, Etherwaves, Sub Phattys and more.

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