Intellijel Rubicon Eurorack Module

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The Intellijel Rubicon is a powerful analog oscillator designed by David Dixon for eurorack synthesizers. This triangle core Thru-Zero oscillator is capable of producing amazing rich harmonic signals!



  • Triangle core
  • Switchable linear and (for the first time in any module) exponential tzfm
  • Linear index vca for dynamic control of tzfm depth
  • Symmetry control (full cw is normal, full ccw gives reversed waveforms, centered the vco is at 0 hz) with vc input
  • 12 primary waveform types: sine, sigmoid, double sigmoid, triangle, saw, double saw, zigzag, square, pulse (center modulated), pulse (edge modulated), double pulse
  • Suboctave circuit (similar to the one found on the roland sh-101) with -1 and -2 octaves. (suboctave output is affected by fm just like the main signals.)
  • Soft sync (aka reversing sync) with attenuator
  • Hard sync with selectable reset direction (determines if the triangle starts moving up or down after a reset, very useful in lfo mode)
  • pwm and exp fm with dedicated attenuators.
  • wide frequency range:
    hi range (vco): 1 hz to 24 khz
    lo range (lfo): 0.01 hz (100 seconds) to 240 hz
  • precise tracking within 0.1% over 8 octaves
  • 18hp and skiff friendly!