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Tiptop Audio Trigger Riot Sequencer

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Complexity upon complexity, function upon function, this is what the Eurorack using public is always asking for. The Trigger Riot is Tiptop’s answer, depending on the state of its probability engine. This module can reductively be thought of as a combination of a programmable clock divider and a clock/trigger sequencer. But, of course, there is so much more.


This sequencer is notable for its expanded clock manipulator effects, as follows: Likelihood of trigger output (probability)

Trigger stream whole clock offset (clock shift)

Trigger stream fractional clock offset (time shift)

Trigger stream multiplication fractional clock extractor (speed)

Pulse width modulator (pulse width)


With eight clock outputs, each with up to four clock divisions, each division effected by any of the above effects, truly fascinating and complicated rhythms can be realized. The Trigger Riot is the solution to a problem you didn’t think you even had, and can be utilized for drum machine and sequencing duties, sending DIN Sync, tap tempo for external clock applications, and etc, et al, and so on.