Tiptop Audio Z4000 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator Eurorack Module

Tiptop Audio Z4000 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator Eurorack Module

TipTop Audio

$ 160.00

Packing an astonishing feature set into a small format, the Z4000 is another tremendous and versatile design from Tiptop Audio. Nearly any conceivable tricking out of the ADSR circuit has been handily accomplished in a meager 8hp. This EG is meant to be snappy and the first 50% of each stage’s corresponding knob is intended for precision adjustment in the millisecond range. Selectively removing clicking and popping from the attack stage, and adjusting the attack slope between logarithmic or exponential, can allow for nuanced percussion transients. Beyond that 50% point, stage times can extend into several minutes, with infinite release at your drone/ambient disposal.


A notable aspect of this module’s flexibility is the Attenuverter and Deviator portion. The Attenuverter sweeps the positive or negative polarity of the ADSR from -10 to + 10 volts. Additional CV processing of the Z4000’s polarity is achieved with the Deviator. Via the knob itself, a static bi-polar voltage is summed with the envelope voltage. A CV input for the Deviator can produce even stranger envelope results, a variable voltage or even audio signal can be input here. A retrigger input and shoot button (to trigger the envelope manually) wrap the features on the Z4000.



34 mA


Z4000 Envelope Generator