Acid Rain Technology | Introducing Navigator

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Acid Rain Technology | Introducing Navigator

We’re back with another installment on Acid Rain Technology’s lineup. This post is all about Navigator, a playable interface for signal mixing, attenuversion, and offset generation.

Navigator provides detailed control over any CV source or input in your system, and it will work just as well with audio. The module consists of two circuits that are normalled together intelligently: a unipolar (0-5v) fader-based attenuator, and a bipolar (-5-5v) knob-based attenuverter. The inputs for both are normalled to +5v, meaning the outputs become offsets when nothing is patched in to their inputs for attenuation. The fader passes through to the attenuverter by default for additional bipolar control and mixing. Self-patching allows fine control in different arrangements. Taking the output of the attenuverter back to the fader input will scale the bipolar signal precisely. 

So how can we use Navigator in the real world? Just pop it between any modulation source and a CV input to introduce a new layer of control, or mult the mixed output and distribute it throughout your patch to create a playable macro. Breaking the normals allows you to mix and match offsetting and attenuation functionality on the same module. You can also use the two channels for CV and audio simultaneously! Here at Nerd we just put together a system for sale that includes the full Acid Rain lineup. We like to use the fader to control Forbidden Planet’s cutoff. Running a slow LFO from Maths into the attenuverter and then to Chainsaw’s waveshape input results in luscious, morphing pads. Navigator doubles down on Eurorack tactility and puts all of those unattenuated CV inputs at your fingertips.

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