Acid Rain Technology | Introducing Switchblade

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Acid Rain Technology | Introducing Switchblade

We’re now proudly carrying Acid Rain Technology’s complete lineup. All three of their currently available modules are 4 hp apiece, feature packed, highly innovative modules that fill in essential pieces of the modular puzzle. We thought we would write some introductions so that all you nerds can get to know them. Don’t forget to come out and try our demo units in store!

First up is the venerable Switchblade. It’s a clever design at a great price point that presents obvious use cases and a number of more complicated setups attainable by self patching. We’ll cover some basic usage in this post, along with a brief rundown of the UI.

Each of the three channels consists of two inputs, one output, and a gate input as well as a corresponding button for manual control. Push a button or send a gate in to switch between a channel’s two inputs, or to mute the channel in the case that it is set to mix mode. Operation can be momentary or latching, set globally by holding all three buttons simultaneously. Any combination of mixing and switching channels is possible, and a long press on a channel’s button will switch its mode. However, due to the limitations of the UI, it is not possible to switch a channel’s mode while in momentary operation. On the plus side, this means that you can hold a button in momentary mode for however long you wish.

Switchblade can pass audio or CV, making it extremely versatile. As far as usage, imagine any situation where you would want to either switch between or mix two signals in your signals, manually or automatically. And then multiply that by three channels that can all be patched together, allowing for cascaded switching/mixing setups. Have an extra trigger/gate stream? Use it to switch between two others and create a brand new rhythm. Mix modulation sources and mute them with total precision. Thanks to the manual buttons per channel Switchblade makes a perfect performance controller or mute. One of the simplest and most useful applications of Switchblade is as a manual gate. Set Switchblade to momentary mode, patch an offset into a channel and leave the other input open. Now you can trigger envelopes, drum modules, or anything else that takes a gate input with your hands!