Superbooth 2017: Elektron Digitakt 8 Voice Digital Drum Machine And Sampler

Superbooth Berlin

Superbooth 2017 was a remarkable fair trade event held in Berlin during the weekend of April 20th-22nd for electronic music instruments. There were multiple exhibitors showcasing their recent products and workshops held during the day, while performances and concerts were held overnight. 

Elektron showcased their prototype of the Digitakt and it was very impressive. Building off the success of the Machinedrum and Octatrack this machine is an 8 voice digital drum machine and sampler that can be used in a variety of ways. 

In this video they break down the way in which one can utilize the ease of the sampling method and further workflow of the unit in a presentation of the machine. 


A digital and highly flexible sound engine, sampling capability, a live-friendly sequencer, the means to control external MIDI gear, and Overbridge support.

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