Four new modules coming soon from 2hp!

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Four new modules coming soon from 2hp!

The masters of the micro-module, 2hp, have just announced four new modules, set to release one module a month from February to May.

The first to drop is DC, a DC offset generator with three ranged DC outputs for 0-5v, 0-10v, and -5v to +5v.

March's module release is Bell, a physical modelling voice with based on percussive bell sounds, much like Pluck's physical modelling voice is based on Karplus-Strong string synthesis.

April marks the release of Grain, which might be the world's tiniest granular processor module, with density, mix, and 1v/octave tracking. 

Finally, in May, 2hp will be releasing Sine, a sine-wave VCO with a sub output and wavefolding controls.