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Mimeophon Manual Released!

Make Noise has released the manual for their new module Mimeophon here. Lots of interesting details are making Mimeophon an even more exciting proposition than it originally appeared to be, for instance, one can achieve delays from between 2ms to 41 seconds(!) long. The μ input, or microRate input, allows doppler style pitch effects even while externally clocking Mimeophon.

You can pre-order Mimeophon from us here

Make Noise have also included some very nice tips for getting the most of this module, for example: "Zones 6 and 7 are very long, to the extent that all manipulations of the Mimeophon in shorter Zones will still appear in Zones 6 and especially 7 for potentially several minutes, especially with higher Repeats settings. Consider playing in the smaller Zones for awhile, then pressing HOLD, removing modulation, and navigating to the Zone 7, using the Repeats control to view different portions of the complex facsimile you have created. (Bonus: Press Skew to change the vantage points' drift over time.)"

We heartily recommend looking over the manual itself, as it explains all of the more mysterious and technical aspects of Mimeophon.